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Salvia patens 'Blue Angel'
'Blue Angel' (Magnify)

Salvia patens 'Guanajuato'
'Guanajuato' (Magnify)

Salvia patens

Gentian Sage

Beautiful gentian blue flowers are shy to emerge but bloom for a long time (especially if deadheaded) in mid to late summer. Reaches 18-24" in height. This Mexican native is a tender perennial (hardy in Zones 8-10). In colder climates, it can be dug out of the ground in the fall and stored over winter for planting the next year, or grown as an annual. This year, we're offering the following cultivars:
  • 'Blue Angel' -- Gentian blue flowers
  • Large form -- This is a large-flowered selection of the gentian-blue form from Robin Middleton.    - New
  • 'Guanajuato' -- Larger flowers in the same deep blue as 'Blue Angel' on a taller (5-6 foot) plant
  • 'White Trophy' -- White flowers
  • 'Patio White' -- White flowers on a compact (8"-12") plant    - New
  • 'Cambridge Blue' -- Light, icy blue flowers
  • 'Patio Sky Blue' -- Light blue flowers on a compact (8"-12") plant    - New
  • 'Lavender Lady' -- Pale, lavender-blue flowers
  • 'Pink Ice' -- Light pink flowers

Sun, part shade 3.5" pots $6.50

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