Cyclamen List

Last updated: September 29, 2008

Cyclamen are slow growers. Our plants are 2 or 3 years old and flowering size, offered in 3" pots.

Cyclamen coum. Hardy species that blooms in winter or very early spring. Heart-shaped leaves, mostly pink flowers.
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Solid green   $6.00
Christmas tree pattern   $6.50
Solid pewter   $7.00
Pewter with green blotch   $7.00

Cyclamen graecum. Fall flowering species with striking leaf patterns. Frost-tender, although may withstand colder temperatures if planted deeply. 'Glyfada' has silver/pewter leaves.
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Example leaf pattern (with flowers)   $6.50
'Glyfada'   $7.00

Cyclamen hederifolium. Hardy, fall flowering species. Easily naturalized. Our selections have selected leaf patterns.
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Example leaf pattern   $6.50
Silver leaves   $7.00
'Ashwood Lysander'   $7.00

Cyclamen cilicium. Another fall flowering, hardy species. Attractive marbled leaves; some with white flowers.
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Pink flowers   $6.50
White flowers   $7.00

Also available:
Cyclamen mirabile 'Tilebarn Nicholas'   $7.50
Cyclamen rohlfsianum   $8.00
Cyclamen intaminatum   $7.00
Cyclamen purpurascens   $7.00
Cyclamen pseudoibericum   $6.50
Cyclamen x hildebrandii   $7.00

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