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Anomatheca laxa 'Joan Evans'

Anomatheca laxa, red

Anomatheca laxa

False Freesia

Despite its forbidding name (until recently known as Lapeirousia cruenta, another tongue twister), this hardy South African bulb is a very pretty and reliable spring-summer bloomer. It grows to 6-8 inches tall and is easy to please. Suitable for a pot or a rock garden. Each pot includes a mix of two colors:
  • Pure white flowers with red throats, generally known as the 'Joan Evans' cultivar (photo at upper left)
  • Coral red flowers with darker throats (photo at lower left)

Anomatheca laxa will naturalize. To speed things along, we recommend pressing the red jewel-like seeds in the ground, covering them lightly. Zones 8-11.

Sun 3.5" pots $6.00

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